The 500 Hidden secrets of san Francisco

AUTEUR(S): Santarina, L.

TAAL: Engels.
PAGINA’S: 272.
DRUK: 3de editie.
STAAT: Nieuw (New).
UITVOERING: Paperback.
ISBN/EAN: 9789460583117


What are the best burger joints in San Francisco? Which local craft breweries are worth visiting? Where should you go to find the coolest surf gear? The 500 Hidden Secrets of San Francisco is the perfect guide for anyone who’s keen to explore the city’s best-kept secrets. It guides the reader to the places not typically included in tourist guides. Like a secret fairy door in Golden Gate Park or the truly steepest hills in the city. At the same time, it also lists fantastic places frequented by San Francisco residents, like where to shop for local goods and antiques, or where to go for a fabulous brunch and the best craft cocktails in the city. Packed with hundreds of places to go, things to do, and good-to-know facts about the city, The 500 Hidden Secrets of San Francisco will help you make the most of your visit to one of the United States’ coolest towns.


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Santarina, L. The 500 Hidden secrets of san Francisco. Luster, [publicatiedatum onbekend]. 272 pagina’s. 3de editie. Staat: Nieuw (New). Paperback.

INTERN ID: 9789460583117
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