AUTEUR(S): Oscar Wilde.

TAAL: Engels.
JAAR: 2019-02-07.
STAAT: Nieuw (New).
ISBN/EAN: 9781789540802.


In 1895 Arthur Humphreys – a director of Hatchards and a friend of Oscar Wilde – printed fifty copies of a small eighty-eight-page compendium of Wilde’s epigrams, culled from his published works. It was titled Oscariana. The initial selection had been made by Wilde’s wife, Constance, but Wilde had not been entirely satisfied with it, and subsequently revised the whole text. A pirated edition of a further two hundred copies of the book was produced in 1903, but otherwise it has remained out of print – until now. This new publication of Oscarianais a facsimile of this booklet, and the only selection of Wilde’s wit endorsed and chosen by the author himself.


Op voorraad

Oscar Wilde. Oscariana. Apollo, verschenen in 2019-02-07. 88 pagina’s. Staat: Nieuw (New).

INTERN ID: 9781789540802.
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