Andreas Gursky: ArchiTecture

AUTEUR(S): Ralf Beil, Sonja Fessel.

TAAL: Engels.
JAAR: 2008.
PAGINA’S: 144.
DRUK: Eerste editie.
FORMAAT: 300 x 250 x mm.
GEWICHT: 950 gram.
STAAT: Nieuw (New).
UITVOERING: Hardback / harde kaft / gebonden.
ISBN/EAN: 9783775721776.


I am working on an encyclopedia of life. Andreas GurskynnA Japanese power plant meets the temples of ancient Egypt, the informal architecture of the slums, the patterned facades of an enormous apartment complex in Paris or the textures of light at night in a megalopolis. In the work of Andreas Gursky (*1955 in Leipzig) living spaces, locations around the globalized world, and the arenas of historical and political power are transformed into emblematic, inventive visuals. This is a collection of breathtaking, large works by the world-famous photographer, taken between 1988 and the present day. Architecture is a special focus here, a central complex of themes in the D?sseldorf artist’s oeuvre. For the first time, each photograph is accompanied by commentary by a renowned author. The kaleidoscope of texts and images attractively demonstrates the depth and breadth of Gursky’s concept of architecture, with a concentration on the structures and textures of the buildings, both inside and outside.


Op voorraad

Ralf Beil, Sonja Fessel. Andreas Gursky: ArchiTecture. HATJE CANTZ VERLAG GMBH & CO KG, verschenen in 2008. 144 pagina’s. Eerste editie. 300 x 250 x mm. 950 gram. Staat: Nieuw (New). Hardback / harde kaft / gebonden.

INTERN ID: 9783775721776.
NUR: 653.
LCCN: Onbekend.
DCC: Onbekend.
LCC: Onbekend.

Gewicht 950 kg


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